Open-Xchange is an all-in-one Groupware solution, providing not only email, but also a CalDAV calendar, tasks, file- or InfoStore and an online document editor. All shareable with other users. The InfoStore is used to save documents online, in the cloud.

This article is about accessing and mounting your Open-Xchange remote WebDAV InfoStore file share, on Linux with mount.davfs or Dolphin GUI file manager.
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The Forfiles command selects and executes a command on a file or set of files. This command is ideal for batch processing through scripts. With Forfiles, you can run a command on or pass arguments to multiple files. For example, you could run the type command on all files in a tree with the .txt file name extension. Or you could execute every batch file (*.bat) on drive C, with the file name “Myinput.txt” as the first argument.

Forfiles works by implementing the recurse subdirectories flag on tools that are designed to process only a single file.

Lets take an example I use a lot as a scheduled task, and break it down:
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ASP.NET December 2013 Security Updates

The Microsoft .NET Web Development and Tools Blog writes about the ASP.NET December 2013 Security Updates. One important notice in this post is that setting EnableViewStateMac=false will be forbidden:

The next version of ASP.NET will forbid setting EnableViewStateMac=false. Applications which set EnableViewStateMac=false may no longer function properly once this update is pushed out. Web developers must take this time to ensure that their applications do not set this switch to an insecure value.

Manually block comment spam in WordPress (How To)

The less spammers hit your WordPress blog, the better your blog performs is one of my opinions. A second is the less unnecessary plugins you use on your WordPress blog, the better.

So a little while ago I decided to remove plugins like Stop Spammer Registration Plugin and do its work myself. As long as Akismet catches the spam, I can block the IP addresses myself. Plus, I might be able to see some trends like IP ranges that spam a lot, new IP ranges, new spam templates being used, and so on. I like that :).
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Fix HTTP 500.0 error after Joomla! update to version 3.2.0

Over the last week we, at Vevida, received quite a lot problem reports by customers who updated Joomla! to Joomla! version 3.2.0. After logging on to their administrator back-end, they received an HTTP 500.0 error.

Unfortunately this HTTP 500.0 has nothing important to tell, except Internal Server Error, The data is invalid. (0x8007000d). So, nothing much. This basically means that somewhere the output breaks fastCgi and PHP output.

Let’s investigate and resolve this issue.
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A client of the company I work for wanted to quickly add 60 subdomains to his website. But, the subdomains had to be created as self contained IIS websites, and running in their own application pools. Luckily, the client wanted 60 consecutive subdomain names, e.g. “”, “”, …, … up till “”.

This made our task a bit easier, because we could easily script this in PowerShell.
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This post provides links to some articles I found last week. The posts might be interesting in various fields of expertise, for either system administrators or developers. Topics include web security, WordPress performance, ASP.NET MVC caching, partial trust, view state MAC, and fixing IIS website hangs.

Various technical and non-technical articles on development, WordPress performance, security, IIS or what might be interesting

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