The “Send Using” configuration value is invalid.

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The “Send Using” configuration value is invalid. 5.00/5 (100.00%) 1 vote

ASP error: cdo.message.1 error 80040220 The "SendUsing" configuration value is invalid. How to correct? There are two ways, depending on the cause of the error message.

Recently run our Windows 2003 Web servers (IIS 6.0) with AppPools (application pools) under its own IUSR user identity. Works fine! :) However, sometimes you come during the design and testing of such a set-up sometimes an error against.

For example, when versturen van een e-mail via ASP (CDOSYS):

The "SendUsing" configuration value is invalid.

Some searching led me to the website, which is explained that this error is caused because the IIS_WPG group does not have read access to the SMTP service IIS.


Set read access to the service SMTPSVC / 1 (Computer Management -> Services and Applications -> Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager -> Default SMTP Virtual Server -> Properties -> Security -> Add) and on the SMTPSVC node of the Metabase (Metabase Explorer -> SmtpSvc permissons -> Add). As shown in the picture:

Do you prefer using the command line, download and MetaAcl.vbs of Microsoft, of here (as text, save as .vbs). The call through cscript.exe is:

cscript.exe Metaacl.vbs IIS://localhost/SMTPSVC/1 IIS_WPG RUE

If the problem does not then you should probably configure the CDOSYS object to a (other) SMTP-server to use.