Chocolatey: Is the Windows user ready for apt-get?

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Chocolatey: easier software installation for Windows. Scott Hanselman posted an article about Chocolatey. Chocolatey is a bootstrapper that uses PowerShell scripts and the NuGet packaging format to install apps for you.

What Chocolatey does #

Chocolatey lets you install Windows applications quickly from the command line via a central catalog of installation scripts. You could install Git, 7Zip or even Microsoft Office (given a key.) The idea is seamless and quiet installations using a well-known key.


For example, once installed you can do this from and command line:

  • cinst git
  • cinst 7zip
  • cinst ruby
  • cinst vlc

That’s basically it.

Read on for more on Chocolatey on Scott Hanselman’s blog:

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