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DHCP on Windows Server 2012 using 169.254.xx.xx as server name

Problem: after installing a new Windows Server 2012 R2 machine with the DHCP role enabled, adding a DHCP server used a 169.254.x.x IP address as server name. Instead of the servers hostname…

Solution: do you have more than one network adapters on the server, but are not connected? Disabling the not connected network adapters solves this issue. The DHCP server was bound to the wrong adapter.

9 thoughts on “DHCP on Windows Server 2012 using 169.254.xx.xx as server name”

  1. Thanks, I’ve spent days trying to figure this out. This solution works in minutes on my personal home lab.

  2. I have no other functional unbound adapters and the server still starts with a non present 169.254… Dhcp which I delete and add the appropriate dhcp manually after every startup. This is bollox from Microsoft, you specify the bindings and only those adapters should be bound, the system should not override, especially with 169…phantom adapters. I suspect what’s happening is that dhcp is initializing before the adapters are properly online. Still the bindings should not be ignored. Very poor Microsoft. Server 2019 has a bug that the internal adapter is assigned 169…so no l2tp connections are possible. They released a registry workaround but on a commercial product, dhcp in sever does not work correctly. Bindings should be set, how can the server just choose whatever it feels like. Broken

  3. are genius.. I spent a days and days to get rid of this nusty ugly IPv4 169.254.hh.hh. Many guys suggest many different commands non of them working. Finally you gave me so simple solution. It works within a second. I cannot see any more ugly IPv4 Thanks my genius…cheers.

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