Keep posts close to keep ahead.

The feedly news reader app for Android is a great way to have all posts available on your smartphone. Feedly news reader is basically just an RSS-feed reader that you can install on your smartphone or tablet. In just a few steps you add the RSS feed to your favorite newspapers, magazines and blogs.

After you’ve installed the feedly news reader app, the home screen appears after starting: RSS-feed in feedly

Swipe up and tab the search button to open up the search:

Feedly first provides you with a number of categories, tab search again:

Fill out, and feedly shows the available feeds (posts and comments):

Once you’ve selected the “Sysadmins of the North” feed, feedly starts with displaying the latest post:

If you’re not interested in reading that post, swipe up to view the headlines and post excerpts:

Congratulations, you’ve now added my RSS feed to your feedly app. Feedly is available for iOS, Android and Kindle.