For my more novice Dutch readers, I started a new website project: A website dedicated to explain commonly used computer and internet techniques. Some of the topics include: What is DNS?, How do I edit wp-config.php through FTP?, How do I send an email with telnet?, and so on.

A lot of techniques used are explained in English. For the more computer illiterate, sometimes it’s difficult to understand the meaning – or reason – behind certain techniques. Like, why would I want to use telnet to send an email? Or why should I? Well, because it’s pretty easy, and faster to test for connectivity or server problems. The FTP protocol is difficult to understand for some people, often because you need to have an extra program, a set of log in credentials, and so on. But wouldn’t it be nice if you could easily edit your wp-config.php file through FTP? Often, this is faster than using other methods (like using a plugin, or control panel).

These are the topics I try to explain on, in hopefully plain and simple Dutch 🙂