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Load Transposh Translation Filter over HTTPS

Transposh Translation Filter is the translation filter for WordPress, Transposh helps you multi-lingualize your blog with ease by translating your posts automagically. Unfortunately, Transposh plugin doesn’t load over HTTPS, which is easy to fix…

How to load Transposh over HTTPS

To load the Transposh Translation WordPress plugin over HTTPS, we need to make some changes to its code. First, open up the file transposh-translation-filter-for-wordpress\transposh.php in your favorite editor, and change line 146:

// $this->transposh_plugin_url = WP_PLUGIN_URL . '/' . $local_dir;
$this->transposh_plugin_url = plugins_url() . '/' . $local_dir;

Transposh dependency jQuery UI over HTTPS

In the WordPress Dashboard back-end, the jQuery UI styles are hard-coded loaded from HTTP. This needs to be changed to HTTPS too.

Open up the file transposh-translation-filter-for-wordpress\wp\transposh_admin.php and change lines 245 and 246:

// wp_enqueue_style('jqueryui', '' . JQUERYUI_VER . '/themes/ui-lightness/jquery-ui.css', array(), JQUERYUI_VER);
wp_enqueue_style('jqueryui', '//' . JQUERYUI_VER . '/themes/ui-lightness/jquery-ui.css', array(), JQUERYUI_VER);
// wp_enqueue_script('jqueryui', '' . JQUERYUI_VER . '/jquery-ui.min.js', array('jquery'), JQUERYUI_VER, true);
wp_enqueue_script('jqueryui', '//' . JQUERYUI_VER . '/jquery-ui.min.js', array('jquery'), JQUERYUI_VER, true);

Do the same for the file transposh_postpublish.php too.


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  1. Chad

    Hello Jan,
    I see you recently responded to this thred, which hopefully means you still know a bit about Transposh. I have reached out to Transposh directly but have not heard back from them on this, and no one seems to talk about Transposh anywhere.

    I cannot get transposh to work with https://… and when I came accross this I was very excited, but I think it’s a bit out of date since the fix didn’t work.

    Transposh does everything I need it too, except work on https://
    Maybe you could recomend a different plugin? I am looking for:
    -Automatic translation
    -Translation editing (*This is a must*)
    -No monthly fees for pro versions (One time purchase is fine though)
    -Works on HTTPS://

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  2. Muhammad Sajid

    Hello sir,

    Can You Develop the Transposh Plugin in the Google blog spot?
    Suppose if I Blogspot open in Australia then Blogspot link show
    if Blogspot open in Uk then Blogspot link show
    if Blogspot open in Pakistan then Blogspot link show
    If You made this kindly Answer Me.

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