Yes, I'm moving Sysadmins of the North away from WordPress and migrate to another CMS.

For quite some time now I'm unhappy with Gutenberg and its constant changing functionality. This breaks sites and doesn't look professional. I've been using WordPress since the very first version of this site back in 2007 (WaybackMachine link), and I've been part of the community for as long, I contributed to Support, Docs, Hosting, Core and had a lot of fun at WordCamp EU & NL. So this was not an easy decision to make.

And now? .NET!

I've worked at a Windows Server and IIS based hosting company for nearly twenty years and now for a Windows server and .NET orientated software company. I've always liked (ASP).NET Framework. Therefore I'm considering either Piranha CMS or Umbraco as the CMS to migrate to. Only downside is: programming websites is not my job or area of expertise, it just has to work, so I'll have to go with what a CMS has to offer. Especially with .NET... in the near future

Migrating to a different CMS and platform means I have the opportunity to rewrite and update older posts. While doing that (a process that may take many months - there are almost 300 posts and a lot of images) I won't be publishing new posts, unless I have something really, really, reeaally interesting to mention.

Unfortunately, posts will probably not be in a chronological order once the migration is done, but that's fine.

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