Play really old games on Windows 7, 8, 8.1 with DOSBox

DOSBox, play old games
How to play old games like The Blues Brothers

We all love old games. It’s a nostalgia thing from when we played those really old games on our 286 (or older, like an MSX) computer, either using floppy disks or cassettes/cartridges. There is nothing much sysadmin about this, it’s all about FUN! You all remember Airborne Ranger, Operation Wolf, Blues Brothers, Gunboat and The Lost Vikings, right? …

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Like, Share, Follow & +1

Did you know Sysadmins of the North is active on a number of social platforms? Social platforms includes Twitter, Github and Google+. Either as this website or on a more personal title. This post is to persuade you to follow and/or share posts with your friends, family, coworkers and other interested parties. So, if you read a post you found interesting, or a post that solved a problem you were facing, please share! :) …

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[IPv6] SMTP-foutmelding: Network is unreachable – no route to host

Meer en meer Mail Transport Agents (MTAs) bieden tegenwoordig standaard ondersteuning voor e-mail transport over het IPv6 protocol. Maar nog niet iedere Internet Service Provider (ISP) heeft de beschikking over een netwerk dat geschikt is voor IPv6. Op de klantenservice van mijn werkgever Vevida komen regelmatig meldingen binnen met daarin een foutmelding als:

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