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Feedly RSS feed on Android

Keep posts close to keep ahead. The feedly news reader app for Android is a great way to have all posts available on your smartphone. Feedly news reader is basically just an RSS-feed reader that you can install on your smartphone or tablet. In just a few steps you add the RSS feed to your favorite newspapers, magazines and blogs.

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For my more novice Dutch readers, I started a new website project: A website dedicated to explain commonly used computer and internet techniques. Some of the topics include: What is DNS?, How do I edit wp-config.php through FTP?, How do I send an email with telnet?, and so on.

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How to play old games on Windows 10 with DOSBox

We all love old games. Here is how to play old games on Windows 10 and Windows 8.1 using DOSBox. Classic games that are worth your time!

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Like, Share, Follow & +1

Did you know Sysadmins of the North is active on a number of social platforms? Please support and spread the word! In every post you’ll find various Share options. Use them wisely… If you read a post you found interesting, or a post that solved a problem you were facing, please support & share!

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Don’t buy an Acer Aspire laptop

This is personal rant towards #Acer: don’t buy an Acer Aspire laptop. Or at least, rethink it through before buying one. Not all models allow all BIOS settings, like the minimum amount video memory, to be changed and you might be surprised later on that the laptop doesn’t meet your expectations.

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