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Vevida Optimizer WordPress plugin

Installing WordPress is one thing, keeping it up to date is something else. Each week brings new bugs or potential attack scenarios that will make a WordPress website vulnerable to hacks. Enabling automatic updates for all or at least most parts of WordPress solves a large number of problems with irregularly maintained WordPress websites.

Vevida Optimizer: Easily configure automatic updates from the WordPress Dashboard, modernize your MySQL database, and more.

This Vevida Optimizer WordPress plugin extends the automatic update feature already present in WordPress. The core updates can be switched on or off, themes and translations can be automatically updated, and the plugin updates can be configured on a per-plugin basis.

Many websites started originally with older versions of WordPress. Previously those installs used older versions of MySQL, when the default table format was MyISAM. Nowadays, modern versions of MySQL use the InnoDB format, which is currently enabled by default. Through this plugin the database tables can be optimized for those newer versions of MySQL, converting older myISAM tables to InnoDB. This is required only once, and only when you have been using WordPress for a long time or with a hosting provider that has not actively kept its MySQL installations up to date.

Vevida is a major webhosting provider based in The Netherlands. We have been hosting websites since 1997. We offer specialized WordPress hosting, which includes this plugin by default. This plugin is useful for all WordPress users, so we make the latest version of this plugin available in the WordPress repository. The source code is also freely available on GitHub.

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