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High-risk vulnerabilities in TheCartPress leaves WordPress sites at risk

TheCartPress eCommerce Shopping Cart – a popular WordPress e-commerce plugin that is actively used on over 5,000 websites – contains high-risk vulnerabilities that can be exploited to compromise customers’ data, execute arbitrary PHP code, and perform Cross-Site Scripting attacks against users of WordPress installations, claim High-Tech Bridge researchers. Users are advised to disable or remove the plugin.

The bugs affect version 1.3.9 (the latest) and probably prior ones, the researchers say. A fix for these vulnerabilities is unlikely, as the developers noted before that support for TheCartPress plugin will end on June 1, 2015.

Update: an update to TheCartPress is available and given the changelog, development of the plugin is picking up again.

TheCartPress WordPress plugin security advisory

You can read High-Tech Bridge’s Multiple Vulnerabilities in TheCartPress WordPress plugin advisory.

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