Minify JavaScript, CSS and compress images

Optimize PNG images and minify JavaScript and CSS files, the easy and fast way? With YUI Compressor and OptiPNG on the command line (for Windows, Linux and MAC OS X). Google PageSpeed Insights recommends optimizing or compressing images such as PNGs, and to minify Javascript and CSS. Minifying resources refers to eliminating unnecessary bytes, such as extra spaces, line breaks, and indentation. Compacting HTML, CSS, and JavaScript can speed up downloading, parsing, and execution time.

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Optimize images for the web in bulk

Optimizing and loss-less compressing images is one of those items that always pops up when analyzing your website with Google PageSpeed Insights. Images have to be loss-less compressed to save many bytes of data and thus bandwidth. This speeds up the download time of your website. But, how do we optimize images for the web? Or, what if I have hundreds of images that needs optimization? We optimize and loss-less compress images in bulk.

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Create your own PHP based Origin Pull CDN

How to create your own Origin Pull CDN (Content Delivery Network) with just a few lines of PHP code, to boost WordPress’ performance. The advantage of having your website content hosted on a Content Delivery Network (CDN) is having your content distributed and stored across the Globe. Utilizing the network of the Content Delivery Network provider. Hosting your WordPress in a Content Delivery Network is an important WordPress optimization tip. Here is how to create your own Origin Pull CDN with PHP…

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