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Sysadmins of the North is just technical blog, like so many others out there. Here I write about IT stuff that I find interesting, problems I encountered and solved. Topics include computer, server, web, sysadmin, database, virtualization, optimization and security.

For the most part, I write as it comes; posts may seem incoherently written sometimes (my apologies ;-) ).

Drop me a comment somewhere to say hi, or discuss about any of the topics. I always love the interaction!

Browse the latest posts per category. I hope you enjoy your stay on Sysadmins of the North and find the information you are looking for.

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About Jan Reilink – the author

I’m over 15 years at as a systems- and applications administrator. My experience and specialties include Windows Server, IIS, WSL & Linux (CentOS, Debian), PHP, WordPress, websites, MySQL, optimization and security.

Yes, very broad subjects :)