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Sysadmins of the North is just technical blog, like so many others out there. Here I write about IT stuff that I find interesting, problems I encountered and solved. Topics include computer, server, web, sysadmin, database, virtualization, optimization and security.

For the most part, I write as it comes; posts may seem incoherently written sometimes (my apologies ;-) ).

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Latest posts on Sysadmins of the North

  • How to display longer username in `ps`
    Have you ever had the need to show the full username in ps output? Here is how. Normally in Bash, the ps output truncates an username to 7 characters and a + sign, e.g IUSR_60+. In cases when you absolutely need the full username in ps, this can be pretty annoying. Here is how to …

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  • Monitor .NET CLR Garbage Collected heap from your web application
    In order to let your .NET (web) application run smooth over a longer period of time, it is important to monitor the .NET CLR Garbage Collector (GC) and collection. Here is how you can monitor this in a Zabbix template using Powershell WMI / CIM and Win32_PerfRawData_NETFramework_NETCLRMemory Windows Performance Counters.
  • Quickly check EnableTrailerSupport isn’t set in your network for http.sys (CVE-2022-21907)
    If you want to find out fast if your IIS webservers have EnableTrailerSupport enabled for https.sys in the registry, here is a small PowerShell method. All you have to do is set the correct SearchBase.
  • How to install IIS Web Management Service (WMSVC) using PowerShell in Windows Server Core
    Here is a short post for you on how to install and enable IIS Web Management Service (WMSVC) in Windows Server Core, using PowerShell. This allows you to remotely manager your IIS webservers. If you want a graphical (or GUI) tool to install in Windows (Server or 11/10), see Install and setup IIS Manager for …

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  • Convert SqlCe database to SQL Server
    In this post I’ll show you how to convert an SQL Server Compact (SQL CE) database to SQL Server. Because the SQL CE database type is unsupported, it’s recommended by Microsoft to upgrade to SQL Server. But how do you convert your SqlCe database?
  • How to optimize Umbraco 8 performance
    Learn how to optimize a site running Umbraco 8 with a Microsoft SQL Server database back-end. Out of the box, Umbraco is a well built and pretty fast content management system. However, it is important you perform some steps to further optimize Umbraco’s performance and loading speed. Here on Sysadmins of the North, I wrote about “11+ tips to optimize Umbraco CMS” earlier, and in this post I write about implementing them. On a just installed and running website.
  • How to extend TinyMCE in Piranha CMS?
    How to extend TinyMCE 5 editor in Piranha CMS and add extra plugins to your project.
  • How to add a trailing slash in Umbraco 8
    This article shows you how to add a trailing slash to URL’s in Umbraco 8, using IIS URL Rewrite Module, without breaking the Umbraco backend. Forcing one particular URL avoids duplicate content, which is important for SEO.
  • Adding VirtIO drivers to Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE)
    How to customize your Windows System Restore If you need to add VirtIO drivers to your Windows Recovery Environment (Windows RE) to recover your Windows virtual machine, here is how. The following steps come in handy if you found out the hard way you don’t see any disks in Windows RE after a hard crash. …

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  • Retrieve SSH public key from Active Directory for SSH authentication
    How to configure SSH public key authentication for Windows Server in Active Directory (AD)? If you want to be able to log on to your Windows Servers through Win32 OpenSSH, you can make use of SSH public key authentication through a ~/.ssh/authorized_keys file. But if you have tens (hundreds) of servers and/or users, perhaps it’s …

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