WordPress HyperDB is an advanced database class that supports replication

HyperDB database class. HyperDB: an advanced database class for WordPress, that supports replication and partition of data. HyperDB is a replacement for the standard wpdb class, which adds the ability to use multiple databases. HyperDB supports partition of data as well as replication.

HyperDB is a very advanced database class that replaces a few of the WordPress built-in database functions.

The main differences of HyperDB are:

  • can be connect to an arbitrary number of database servers
  • inspects each query to determine the appropriate database.

For some time, I had HyperDB configured for this blog to use two databases, which worked great (write to master, read from slave). Unfortunately I had to replicate the data myself, after each post using a PHP-script. That kind of sucked ;-)

More information about HyperDB

If you’d like more information about WordPress HyperDB and database partitioning and replication, check out the following resources:

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