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Umbraco: Route to

URL Routing in Umbraco, redirect website hostname in Umbraco (from to Umbraco listens to both and This is not good for your Google ranking and SEO, since this will be seen as duplicate content. Fortunately, it is pretty easy to redirect your website to it’s www variant. Here you’ll learn how to accomplish this.

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Decoupling Umbraco from your front-end website

Jason Deacon, from Australia’s design and development company Wiliam, writes about how to use a back-end instance of Umbraco 7, which is completely decoupled from the front-end (an ASP.NET MVC 5 site).

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Configure SQLServer sessionState for Umbraco

Umbraco SQLServer sessionState storage for your sessions. Prepare your Umbraco website for high performance web garden or web farm, and load balancing environments. Store your sessions out-of-process (OutProc). As opposed to the default in-process (inProc) sessions, where sessions are saved in the worker process.

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Umbraco security vulnerability found – immediate action recommended

All Umbraco versions affected. Remove /bin/umbraco.webservices.dll! A quick and short message to all Umbraco users, which just dropped in my Inbox:

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Umbraco doesn’t like users with MySQL databases

Umbraco 6 changed the MySQL database layer/logic, breaking MySQL support and Umbraco installations, if the database is hosted on MySQL. Use SqlCE instead as your Umbraco database back-end

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Umbraco CMS admin password reset

Umbraco admin password reset: When you’ve forgotten your Umbraco admin password, use the following SQL query to reset your password for Umbraco:

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