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Internet Information Services, the HTTP web service on Windows Server

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Get IIS Current Connections using PowerShell

Do you want to know how to get the current number of connections to IIS hosted websites? The information is stored in Windows Server Performance Counters, and you can get it using Get-Counter cmdlet in PowerShell of course. But in post I’ll show you a different -and perhaps even faster- method using WMI/CIM and Win32_PerfRawData_W3SVC_WebService. Read on…

Tune Windows Server TCP/IP and IIS

When you have set up your ASP.NET / .NET or PHP configuration for high performing websites in Windows Server, it sometimes becomes important to reconfigure Windows Server’s TCP/IP stack and IIS too. You may have to increase network throughput and performance, or you just might run out of available ports / sockets (aka port exhaustion). And, as you know, fast page loads are more and more important nowadays for seach engine optimization (SEO) and user experience. Therefore we’ll dive into tuning IIS and TCP/IP stack for high performance websites and high volume of web requests a bit.

Are you in my blocklist?

Access blocked

Recently, Jeff Starr wrote about blocking IP addresses posting random string comment spam. That post reminded me about my own older post about blocking WordPress comment spammers manually. With just a few manual steps, you create your own little blocklist for WordPress in either a .htaccess or web.config file. Here are the IP addresses I’m currently blocking. Note, this list can get long (loooonnggg).

Install and setup IIS Manager for Remote Administration in Windows Server IIS (step by step)

IIS Manager for Remote Administration in Windows 10

Learn how to install and configure IIS Manager for Remote Administration of your Windows Server IIS web server, in Windows 10 and Windows 11. Step by step. You can use IIS Manager to administer various components of your website through a graphical user interface (GUI) if it’s hosted in Windows Server IIS.

Disallow direct access to PHP files in wp-content/uploads/

Set PHP handler accessPolicy (Request Restrictions) to Read in IIS

It’s recommended to disallow access to and execution of PHP files in wp-content/uploads folder. Preferably without the use of a security plugin. Blocking access to PHP files in WordPress wp-content/uploads folder is easily achieved with a .htaccess file on Linux Apache, or web.config accesssPolicy in Windows Server IIS, and here is how.

Basic Authentication module for Windows Server IIS 10

HTTP Basic authentication

Basic Authentication managed HTTP module for IIS 10 with virtual users support. In my pursuit of a basic authentication alternative in IIS, other than the built-in Basic Authentication module or Helicon Ape, I came across Devbridge AzurePowerTools. It’s apparently one of few HTTP managed modules for IIS that enables HTTP Basic Authentication with support for virtual users.

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