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Calculate SHA-256 checksums in PowerShell

If you need to verify files are untampered with, you have to create a file checksum -or file hash- that you can use to verify. PowerShell offers this functionality with Get-FileHash cmdlet. Or use certutil.exe.

Windows Server ping google.com with IPv6 network protocol in WSL2 (WIndows Subsystem for Linux 2)

IPv6 support for WSL2! 🥳

Windows Subsystem for Linux gets new ‘mirrored’ network mode, providing IPv6 support. This is huge! Update WSL2 in Windows Insider Program to have experimental IPv6 support.

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Windows SID to username and vice versa

Sometimes you need to convert a Windows SID (security identifier) to an username, or vice versa (an username to an SID). In this post I show you a couple of methods to translate the one into the other. One is using VBScript and one is using PowerShell.


Install Windows Updates using PowerShell

In this post I show you how you can use PowerShell to install Windows Updates. Quickly and silently. This makes the use of PSWindowsUpdate module perfect for your day to day automation. The module even supports scheduling (on remote computers too!), it has the ability to search WSUS and Windows Update for updates, scheduling and performing the download and installation of updates.


Send email with PowerShell

In this post I provide you with a small PowerShell function you can use to send email over a TLS secured SMTP connection with SMTP authentication. As a framework you can use in your own scripting and extend it. You can even create a PowerShell module of it.

WordPress Access blocked

Are you in my blocklist?

Is your IP address in my WordPress .htaccess block list? Here are IP addresses I block manually because of comment spamming.

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Monitor SQL Server and databases in depth using Zabbix

Monitor Microsoft SQL Server, databases and performance with Zabbix, PowerShell, Performance Counters and WMI. Keep SQL Server and databases in top shape and performance up! In this post I show you how you can use Zabbix to monitor those important aspects for database administrators (DBA).