Windows Server

AppCmd introduction and examples

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AppCmd is a command-line utility to manage IIS 7+ web servers. It provides the ability to administer Windows Server IIS without a graphical user interface to configure settings for the Web server, sites, applications, and virtual directories. Here is my introduction to AppCmd.exe. AppCmd is, in combination with WinRM, the Windows Server IIS systems administrator’s swiss-army knife for his daily routine.

Website performance

Optimize images for the web in bulk

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Optimizing and loss-less compressing images is one of those items that always pops up when analyzing your website with Google PageSpeed Insights. Images have to be loss-less compressed to save many bytes of data and thus bandwidth. This speeds up the download time of your website. But, how do we optimize images for the web? […]

Code base

Various articles (tech and non-tech)

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This post provides links to some articles I found last week. The posts might be interesting in various fields of expertise, for either system administrators or developers (DevOps). Topics include: web security, WordPress performance, jQuery, ASP.NET MVC caching, partial trust, view state MAC, and fixing IIS website hangs.