WordPress performance: Clean up post revisions

Remove WordPress post revisions and turn them off

Everytime you write or edit a WordPress post, WordPress saves the change as a post revision. As you might expect, this fills up your database with a huge amount of unneeded post revisions and information. This uses space which should be free space. You can clean up these WordPress post revisions quite easily. To delete the WordPress post revisions you only need one SQL statement: …

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Unlock Windows 7 Enterprise

Whoeps, Windows 7 Lured Enterprise…
Today I swung our overall laptop to the course, For the first time in a long time. This is a laptop that everyone can use when needed. The device was found by the previous user to be locked; even with administrator credentials, I could not login. Unfortunately, the login screen also did not exactly which user has locked the screen.

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Nginx second most used web server

Apache continues to dominate, Ngnix nibbling market share rivals

According Netcrafts January 2012 Web server research is Ngnix now the second most used web server software under all active websites. The impact this Microsoft IIS of the second. Ngnix running at approximately 12,18% of all active websites, against Microsoft IIS 12,14%. With 57.93% remains Apache proud leader.

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Netcraft: January 2012 Web Server Survey.