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AppCmd introduction and examples

AppCmd is a command-line utility to manage IIS 7+ web servers. It provides the ability to administer Windows Server IIS without a graphical user interface to configure settings for the Web server, sites, applications, and virtual directories. Here is my introduction to AppCmd.exe. AppCmd is, in combination with WinRM, the Windows Server IIS systems administrator’s swiss-army knife for his daily routine.

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IIS application pool recycle on specific times, not regular time interval

By default, an IIS application pool (or “AppPool”) recycles on a regular time interval of 1740 minutes, or 29 hours. One reason for this time interval is that application pools don’t recycle at the same moment every day (every day at 07.00 for example). However, sometimes you may want to change this regular time interval to specific times. And when you try to configure this […]

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Conditionally start Application Pools on remote IIS web servers

Start stopped application pools with AppCmd in a loop. In my routine, I occasionally have to start multiple website application pools when they are in a stopped state. On more than one web server. Being a lazy system administrator, I find it too much work to log on every server. Therefore I start those application pools in a loop. A condition for me to start […]

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Target multiple ASP.NET versions with AppCmd.exe

How to target multiple ASP.NET versions with AppCmd? When administering an IIS web server you frequently have to use AppCmd.exe to make configuration changes. Whether it is for a specific web site or server wide. Some might think AppCmd has its limitations; for example if they don’t know the options to use they might think you can only address the x64 .NET Framework version or […]

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