Silently import .reg file in your Windows registry

To add a .reg file silently to your Windows registry, you can use the regedit command. As almost always, the /s parameter is for silent and /q for quiet.

regedit /s your-key.reg

In this post, you learned how to silently import a .reg file into your Windows Registry. This neat regedit.exe trick comes in handy quite often. The regedit.exe command is valid for Windows 11, 10, Windows Server 2022, 2019 and older.

2 thoughts on “Silently import .reg file in your Windows registry”

  1. It’s not entirely silent, as it asks for administrator approval. I want to use this in a login script for computers that are not joined to the domain.

    • It used to be silent but suddenly, as of the last couple of weeks (SEPT2020) its now triggering UAC on Windows 10.

      For Windows 8+ you can use REG IMPORT instead

      So, previously, and for many years:

      regedit /s “registry-to-import.reg”


      reg import “registry-to-import.reg”


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