Silently import .reg file in your Windows registry

To add a .reg file silently to your Windows registry, you can use the regedit command. As almost always, the /s parameter is for silent and /q for quiet.

regedit /s your-key.reg

2 thoughts on “Silently import .reg file in your Windows registry”

  1. Michael Pollard

    It’s not entirely silent, as it asks for administrator approval. I want to use this in a login script for computers that are not joined to the domain.

    1. It used to be silent but suddenly, as of the last couple of weeks (SEPT2020) its now triggering UAC on Windows 10.

      For Windows 8+ you can use REG IMPORT instead

      So, previously, and for many years:

      regedit /s “registry-to-import.reg”


      reg import “registry-to-import.reg”

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