Adsutil.vbs is a versatile and useful tool to administer IIS 6.0 servers, and everyone knows it, of course. But, did you know there is a remote server command line parameter? With this you can use Adsutil.vbs on remote Windows Server IIS 6.0 servers. The parameter is:


IIS 6.0 Remote management with adsutil.vbs (adsutil.vbs to automate tasks on local and remote servers)

You can administer remote IIS 6.0 webservers with this parameter setting. Very convenient in a loop:

for /f %i in (server_list.txt)
 do @cscript c:\Inetpub\AdminScripts\Adsutil.vbs
 GET W3SVC/1/ROOT/AppPoolId -s:%i

You can find adsutil.vbs (and metaacl.vbs) as download here. Save both .txt files as .vbs.

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