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You are here: Sysadmins of the North » Bash » Page 2

Test SMTP Authentication and StartTLS

This post shows you how to test an StartTLS/TLS connection to an SMTP server to investigate SMTP over TLS connection issues. For this you use the OpenSSL tool (program). You also learn how to create base64 encoded logon information to verify SMTP authentication over this opportunistic TLS connection. All that from the Linux and Windows command line. This comes in very handy when investigating SMTP authentication issues, particular those over TLS encrypted connections. Investigate SMTP authentication issues like a boss using OpenSSL on your command line.

Check IP address blacklist status in Bash

Here is a Linux Bash shell script to check whether an IP address is listed in a DNSBL blacklist, or RBL. This is a modified version of a by J65nko posted Bash script to check an IP address reputation status in several blacklists. I’ve added HttpBl as backlist and an API key is required for this list. Using this script in Bash you can quickly test if an IP address is blacklisted.

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