Clear PHP opcode caches before WordPress Updates: ease the updating process

In various hosting environments, WordPress core-, plugin- and theme updates sometimes fail because of enabled opcode caches. Popular PHP opcode caches are OPcache, WinCache and APC. This little WordPress Must Use Plugin tries to flush opcode caches. Making your live a bit easier when updating WordPress Core, Plugins and Themes.

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10 Practical tips to optimize WordPress hosting

Isn’t it true that, when you (start to) develop WordPress websites for clients, and you host them yourself, you find yourself in a situation where you need to know a lot about “stuff” other than WordPress development? In this optimize your WordPress hosting post, I provide 10 practical tips for you, to improve WordPress hosting performance. Especially useful for when you plan to host WordPress websites yourself. Read on to learn how I optimize my WordPress hosting, and how you can do the same.

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PHP with WinCache on IIS

Install WinCache with PHP on IIS. In this article you’ll learn how to install PHP with Windows Cache Extension (WinCache) on Windows Server IIS. WinCache enabled PHP gives a great PHP performance boost for your WordPress, Drupal or Joomla website, and decreases CPU usage. This post will show you it’s not hard to set up high performance PHP on Windows Server (IIS). And as a bonus, we’ll dive into Windows TCP/IP tuning too. Learn how this very blog optimized it’s PHP hosting on Windows!

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