High Performance MySQL

How to flush MySQL query cache from time to time

Flush MySQL query_cache to prevent fragmentation of free query cache memory space. Flushing the query cache with flush query cache does not delete or clear the query cache. You have to use reset query cache to fully clear MySQL’s query cache.

Cache MySQL query results with PHP WinCache

You can cache and store the MySQL query result in your web server RAM memory, utilizing PHP WinCache. Or another PHP opcode cache like Opcache for that matter. This’ll  increase database and PHP performance.

MySQL query caching using PHP/Zend_Cache

By using the Cache.php PHP class of the Zend Framework, you can relatively easy cache MySQL query results to disk. This ensures faster consecutive results and speeds up execution. In this context, caching means: execute a MySQL query once and save the result in a temporary file. For every time that same query is executed, you can simply use the result stored in your disk cache file, as long as the database hasn’t changed. Often it is faster to save this on the web server than having it to redo the query every time.