Disable SMB1 using Group Policy Administrative Templates

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Group Policy Central writes about how to disable SMB1 using Group Policy Administrative Templates. This makes it easier for you to disable SMB1 to prevent WannaCry throughout your entire Active Directory domain(s). Here’s how…

Group Policy Central writes:

To make it easier to disable SMB1 in your environment Microsoft has now release an ADMX/ADML file that adds defines the required registry keys so they can be configured as Administrative Template setting.

To get the SMB1 policy setting visit https://blogs.technet.microsoft.com/secguide/2017/06/15/security-baseline-for-windows-10-creators-update-v1703-draft/ and download the Windows-10-RS2-Security-Baseline ZIP file.

Open the ZIP file and navigate to the “Templates” folder where you then need to extract the SecGuide.adml and SecGuide.ADMX files.

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