A quicky: if you need to merge -or concatenate- multiple text files into one new file in Windows, you can use the copy command in cmd.exe, and here is how:

How to merge or combine multiple files

Here is how to merge a text (.txt) file in the Windows command-line (cmd.exe) environment.

In your Windows cmd.exe command-line, use the following single command to merge all text files in a directory into one new file:

copy /b *.log newfile.log
copy /a *.txt newfile.txt

The copy parameters /a and /b indicate ASCII text or BINARY files.

Concatenate two text files in PowerShell?

In PowerShell you can use the Get-Content and Set-Content cmdlets to concatenate two (or more) files into one new file. For example:

Get-Content *.log | Set-Content newfile.log

# Get-Content logfile1.log, logfile2.log, logfile3.log | Set-Content newfile.log

This is ideal for combining multiple log files into one file for LogParser and IIS log forensics.

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  1. You can use Python for this job, as below:

    import shutil
    import os
    import glob

    filenames = glob.glob(‘*.txt’)

    with open(‘output_file.txt’,’wb’) as wfd:
    for f in filenames:
    with open(f,’rb’) as fd:
    shutil.copyfileobj(fd, wfd)

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