Windows Defender: Turn off routine remediation (DisableRoutinelyTakingAction)

Here is how to (temporarily) turn off routine remediation in Windows Defender Antivirus (WinDefend). During the transition of antivirus software to Windows Defender Antivirus (WinDefend), I don't want Windows Defender remediation on threats it might find. Later, when I have more information about potential threats, I can always choose to remediate that threat, e.g. quarantaine or remove it.

How-to fix “Get-MpComputerStatus : The extrinsic Method could not be executed.”

In my situation, I had Windows Defender Antivirus disabled per GPO ("Turn off Windows Defender Antivirus" in Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates/Windows Components/Windows Defender Antivirus), and I wanted to enable Windows Defender in a new GPO, on a specific set of computers. This resulted in an error message "Get-MpComputerStatus : The extrinsic Method could not be executed."
IIS Manager for Remote Administration in Windows 10

Install and setup IIS Manager for Remote Administration in Windows Server IIS (step by step)

In this article you’ll learn how to install and setup IIS Manager in Windows 11/10 to manage your website(s). You can also follow these steps to install Internet Information Services (IIS) Manager on a Windows Server Core edition, to locally or remotely manage hosted websites. This post also shows how to install IIS Web Management Service (WMSVC) on Server Core using PowerShell.